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Amy , married on 07/16/2016

One of the first choices my husband and I made for our wedding was that we would not get a wedding video. We were trying to be budget conscious and did not think it was a priority for us but after watching some of the beautiful wedding videos of our friends, we changed our minds. I did a LOT of research into videographers in the Albany area. I watched dozens of videos but so many of them seemed formulaic and impersonal. I knew I'd found what I was looking for when I found Mykolas' website and watched his sample videos, all varying slightly in terms of style, and never lacking in personality or creativity. For two people who didn't initially want a wedding video, my husband and I had a lot of thoughts about how we wanted our video to ultimately be. From our first phone call, Mykolas worked diligently with me to translate our 'maybe we could do this/that' hypotheticals into real actual shots. He was so responsive to my every email, and prior to our wedding would even email me out of the blue with some ideas he'd thought of based off our past conversations. I was blown away by the level of service and his commitment to getting us what we wanted. On the day of our wedding, Mykolas and Vita were consummate professionals. They were fun to be around, worked extremely well with our other vendors and we barely even noticed them. Now, not even two weeks after the wedding, we have the most beautiful film, one that we love sharing with our friends and our family is literally crying over. It’s unlike any other video we’ve ever seen. Mykolas and Vita captured so many gorgeous details of the day that we hadn't even noticed ourselves. It is truly a joy to watch. Choosing Brides and Film turned out to be the be the best decision we made for our wedding day.

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