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My name is Mykolas. I am a creator, cinematographer, editor, and colorist behind Brides and Film, the company I established in 2016. My background is in journalism, film, and art history. I also hold a degree in social science. As a cinematographer and visual storyteller, I am inspired by the beauty of well-composed shots, the flow of natural light, the vibrancy of colors, elements of natural surroundings, the spectrum of human emotions, and little details that usually escape the eye. For me, the camera lens is the opportunity to see the world in a different way, with different light, and from a different angle. In my work, I try to capture all of these elements while visually crafting a story of the two of you and your love for each other. For me, a wedding film is not a "documentation" of the day but an attempt to go deeper, an attempt to reach into your hearts. 


Thus, I do not have a blueprint for a quick,  standard “wedding video.” I certainly stay away from the “wedding factory” style of business. Just like couples and their stories are different and unique, so are the films. My focus is on handcrafting each and every film individually by paying attention to your personalities, details of the environment, and the atmosphere of the day and translating them into the image and its flow. Not a single part of production or post-production is ever outsourced and I am personally hands-on and involved in every step of the creation of your film.


I strive for the best as I believe that a good wedding film is like a good wine - it matures, acquires its flavor, and gets better with time, every time you review it on your anniversary day as the years go by. For that to be true, all of the "ingredients" have to be right and that is my personal goal and conviction, which define my approach to wedding cinematography. 

Please take a look at film samples in our film galleries and if you find the overall style and feel appealing to you – do not hesitate to get in touch!



Mykolas G.

Owner and Producer

"Brides and Film" Inc.

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