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Taylor M. married on 05/28/2022

An Artist, not a Videographer! 

One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was hiring Mykolas & his team! Our wedding was not a typical wedding, therefore we would not settle for any typical videographer. We looked high and low and found Brides and Film. Mykolas is truly an artist; his style of shooting and editing is masterful. He had no problems accommodating our needs and always made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Mykolas and his team are so passionate about their craft. Our wedding video feels so authentic and truly captured the magical feeling of our special day. They focus on natural beauty and never force you into any staged interactions. These details, combined with his high quality equipment and standout videography skills, really make for shots that you could only dream of. His editing style is so unique and more beautiful than anything we’d seen previously. His work creates a seamless flow of emotions from beginning to end, all while keeping client preferences in mind. Thank you Mykolas & team for capturing our day as perfect as we remember it.

Sheena B. married on 07/30/2022

Unbelievably Amazing!!!!

I can not express how happy I am with my wedding video! Brides and Film captured our special day so beautifully!!! The talent they have is indescribable and the video truly left my husband and I and all of our family and friends speechless and in tears!!! We will cherish this for the rest of our lives. If you are looking for a videographer look no further you will NOT regret hiring "Brides and Film." They were so amazing to work with from start to finish, you wouldn’t have even known they were there! So professional and kind. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful video. Absolutely breathtaking. 

Katherine D. , married on 07/09/2022


Perfect July 4 Wedding!

Mykolas and his team were amazing! 10/10 recommend them! Mykolas was very professional and responsive and made sure to understand exactly what we wanted out of our video. It came out perfect, super heartfelt and full of intimate, cute moments with us and our family and friends. He was even able to capture the fireworks and work them into the video (we got married on July 4th). Everyone says this but it's true - the day goes by SO fast. I'm so grateful we chose Brides & Film and have video of our special day for the rest of our lives. Thank you!!

Vic T. , married on 10/30/2021

Incredible wedding film!

My husband and I went back and forth for a while about whether or not we needed a videographer for our wedding. He wasn't sure the additional cost would be worth it since we already have a photographer. I 100% had my heart set on having a wedding film to be able to share with our families and to watch for years to come. This was a battle I was not willing to lose! Mykolas was incredible to work with- from the very beginning, to the quick turnaround time of getting our wedding film. It moved every single person we've shared it with to tears (I'm literally crying thinking about it as I write this). Having a film of your wedding day catches an entirely new perspective- one that I'm glad we have forever. If you've been debating whether or not you need a videographer- stop debating. You do. This is your sign!

Michael. , married on 12/19/2021

Thoughtful and Artistic! 

We got a chance to work with Mykolas and his team this past year. After reviewing numerous videographers and their work, we decided to get in touch with Brides and Film. Something stood out for us in Mykolas' s films, although we couldn't put the finger on it at the time. Throughout the whole process, he was very enthusiastic, helpful, and accommodating. On the day of our wedding, it was very obvious how much he is passionate about film and videography while at the same time being considerate of his clients. Our wedding film turned out better than we expected. Looking back we can finally tell what attracted us to work with Mykolas in the first place - the visual sensitivity. His films are not the standard "wedding videos" but little art pieces blending music and a picture together to reveal emotions and feelings of the day without overly relying on a spoken word. We find this approach unique and would recommend Brides and Film to anyone who is looking for their wedding day to be presented in an artistic and beautiful way.

John G. , married on 05/15/2021

Over the moon!

When my wife and I discovered Mykolas' work we were immediately drawn to his unique style of visual story telling. In particular, we love the colors and overall look of his films, the way he captures emotions with close up shots and also amazing landscapes with the drone. While we hadn't planned on having a videographer at our wedding we ended up changing our minds because we knew that photos wouldn't be able to tell our whole story. After our initial meeting with Mykolas we were further put at ease with his professionalism and incredible amount of experience. On the day of, him and his partner showed up early and never feel obtrusive or overbearing. They gave us some simple directions that made us feel more comfortable in front of the camera and made the whole experience fun. Ultimately, when we look back at everything we spent on our wedding, the film is what we cherish the most since we can enjoy it for years to come. Whatever you do, don't hesitate to hire Brides and Film!

Danielle , married on 08/15/2021

Caring, Responsive Videographer.

Mykolas was awesome to work with. He was so responsive and caring about the final product. We love our video, it is exactly what we wanted- sentimental but not too sappy like some wedding videos we see from other vendors. Our family says the video brings them right back to the wedding and how fun of a night it was. He was extremely understanding and easy to work with when we had to postpone our wedding due to COVID. Book Mykolas for your wedding and you will be happy you did! 

Kevin A. , married on 08/19/2019

Lucky to have found them!

We are so lucky to have had Brides and Film for our wedding ! They genuinely cared about capturing all the special moments and getting the creative shots- was so impressed with how hard they worked and made every second count! The final film was so beautifully done- could not believe that was us in it! We really appreciate all the hard work they put in the day of, and those long hours I'm sure they spent in putting together such a wonderful film that we get to treasure for life!

David , married on 05/18/2019

Exactly what you want in a wedding videographer

Mykolas was incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the entire planning process, which is exactly what you want when you're juggling all the planning of a wedding. He worked with us in the months leading up to the wedding in order to get to know us so he could make the best possible reflection of us and our wedding day, and he was extremely flexible and accommodating when it came to the logistics of our day. Our video perfectly captured all the people and events of the day and we can't stop watching it. We highly recommend him for your video!


Creative, passionate, and thoughtful!

We are incredibly happy with Brides and Film. Mykolas has such a creative eye for lighting, scenery, and posing, and edits his work into masterpieces. We chose Bride and Film because of their glowing reviews and samples, and we were still one hundred percent blown away with the thoughtfulness and craft that was put into our film. In addition to absolutely stunning work, Mykolas is such a kind and friendly person. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy on our wedding day. We hope you enjoy working with Brides and Film.

Emily H. married on 06/22/2019

Absolutely wonderful experience!

My husband and I chose to work with Mykolas because we believed that his style exemplified the type of creativity we were looking for. He was extremely warm, thoughtful and professional throughout the entire wedding process. The final product was incredibly creative - his choice of shots, music, and editing truly captured our special day exactly as we hoped it would. Mykolas was an absolute pleasure to work with - thank you again!!

Toni A. married on 10/20/2018

Amazing quality of work, they are so passionate about what they do

My experience with Mykolas and Vita was so refreshing. From the start they were so easy to work with and communicate with. The day of the went above and beyond to make sure they captured the most perfect shots. Their thoroughness and attention to detail was superb! I am beyond happy with my wedding video. They really listened and took into account our vision and made a video that greatly reflected just that!

Eileen. married on 09/09/2017

The day of our wedding Mykolas and Vita worked so well with us, our families and friends, each other, and our photographer, making the entire day effortless and fun. They have this amazing ability to see and highlight the finest details in everything - my dress, our first dance, the scenery, each embrace, our vows - that would've been missed by anyone else. The way that they thoughtfully match each shot to each note of music is incredible and the finished product is nothing short of magical. It brought tears to our eyes, along with anyone else who watched it. They were able to capture every moment of our special day and create a work of art that exemplifies our love for each other. We will cherish it for the rest of our lives. It is difficult to find the words to describe just how amazing the work of Mykolas and Vita truly is. Their level of professionalism is uncanny and it is clear how much effort they put into each of their videos. You'd be silly not to trust them with the most important day of your life! Watch their videos - you'll see!

Julia. married on 07/08/2017


My husband and I had Mykolas and Vita film our wedding in Roxbury NY at the Roxbury Barn. They captured such beautiful shots of our day. We couldn't of asked for a better videographer. We absolutely loved them and their work. Theyre truly talented at what they do. If We can give them 10 stars we would. Mykolas is super personable and strives to make the bride and groom happy. He exceeded our expectations. Plus they were so professional and affordable. They stayed our whole day til the end to make sure they got everything. We watch our video every day and love how beautiful he made it. His work brought tears to my eyes because he knows how to capture the best of moments for your special day. They are the best and super fun people to work with.
Thank you so much Mykolas & Vita for all that you have done for us and our wedding. We love you guys and so happy to have had you film our day!

Alexander. married on 06/17/2017

Being within the creative industry ourselves, we knew what style we wanted for our wedding and we were not disappointed. Mykolas and team have a fantastic eye and a modern post-production skillset and style. They were a pleasure to be with and both made us feel comfortable and relaxed. They stayed late into the night without complaint to ensure they captured everything. We were both blown away with the results of the short film and cannot wait to see what they come up with for the longer video. The video captured the feelings, essence, and story of our wedding. What more could we ask for?! Thank you!

Julie. married on 05/06/2017

I first found some of the work of Mykolas and Brides and Film online and was extremely impressed with his work the stories he tells through his shorts. After reaching out to him on a call to discuss our wedding arrangements, I felt confident in hiring Mykolas. 6 months before the wedding, he took the time to meet my fiancé and I for coffee to get to know the two of us as well as our vision for the wedding. On the big day, he and his wife managed to capture all of the most special moments...from large panoramic/drone/time lapse shots to the much more intimate close of shots of putting on bow ties and jewelry, kisses, etc. he captures it all in a way that simple photos simply cannot. After watching our Vimeo, family and friends have commented "this is what little girls dream of when they think of their wedding day," "this is like an ad for marriage," and "this looks like a Hallmark original!" I love that each year we will be able to look back with this beautiful keepsake that we can treasure forever. If you're looking for a wedding videographer, look no further!

Elizabeth , married on 09/24/2016

Mykolas and Vita were wonderful cinematographers!!! Let me preface this review by saying I am VERY picky when it comes to bridal films! I didn't want anything too "bridey" or "cheesy." Mykolas was the polar opposite of all that. His work is classic and timeless. Mykolas and Vita were very friendly and professional and respectful of my opinion on what I wanted our video to look like. I would absolutely recommend Brides and Film to any bride looking for a videography vendor for their big day!!! 

Jesse. married on 06/18/2016

Mykolas and his assistant Vita from Brides and Film were an absolute delight to work with. Very professional, down to earth and detail oriented. I didn't cry at my wedding, but cried tears of happiness while watching my film. Mykolas captured the feeling of our day completely. He went above and beyond to make sure that every important moment was captured in a beautiful and moving way with a personal touch you just don't get with the big name, high dollar photographers. I highly recommend them.

Amy , married on 07/16/2016

One of the first choices my husband and I made for our wedding was that we would not get a wedding video. We were trying to be budget conscious and did not think it was a priority for us but after watching some of the beautiful wedding videos of our friends, we changed our minds. I did a LOT of research into videographers in the Albany area. I watched dozens of videos but so many of them seemed formulaic and impersonal. I knew I'd found what I was looking for when I found Mykolas' website and watched his sample videos, all varying slightly in terms of style, and never lacking in personality or creativity. For two people who didn't initially want a wedding video, my husband and I had a lot of thoughts about how we wanted our video to ultimately be. From our first phone call, Mykolas worked diligently with me to translate our 'maybe we could do this/that' hypotheticals into real actual shots. He was so responsive to my every email, and prior to our wedding would even email me out of the blue with some ideas he'd thought of based off our past conversations. I was blown away by the level of service and his commitment to getting us what we wanted. On the day of our wedding, Mykolas and Vita were consummate professionals. They were fun to be around, worked extremely well with our other vendors and we barely even noticed them. Now, not even two weeks after the wedding, we have the most beautiful film, one that we love sharing with our friends and our family is literally crying over. It’s unlike any other video we’ve ever seen. Mykolas and Vita captured so many gorgeous details of the day that we hadn't even noticed ourselves. It is truly a joy to watch. Choosing Brides and Film turned out to be the be the best decision we made for our wedding day.

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