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We are passionate and inspired by the art of film. We appreciate the beauty of well composed shots, capture of natural light and colors of nature and environment that surrounds you. Utilizing more than two cameras we aim to capture unique moments of your special day from different angles, which allows for a cinematic, creative editing when making your wedding film.

Just like the couples themselves - no wedding is the same. That’s why we do not have a standard, cookie cutter blueprints to filming and editing. We stay away from the “wedding factory” approach. Our approach is personal and unique as your wedding because it is the day that will never repeat itself. We believe that a good wedding film is like a good wine - it matures, acquires its flavor and gets better with time. For that to be true, the foundations have to be right. 

When filming the events of your day we scrupulously approach all the elements that matter: natural light, ambience of the location, emotions of participants, the details of attire, decorations and surrounding environment. We handle each wedding film with passion, care and with the close attention to details. Each project is personal to us. All steps involved in making your wedding film, from an initial phone call, to preparation, filming and editing are performed exclusively by us. We do not use third-party assistance in any step of production of your wedding film. This has been our unwavering conviction since we established our company, no matter how busy the season is.

The filming of the wedding is just the first step. The real telling of your unique story begins and ends in the editing room. We spend ours selecting the best shots, adjusting their composition, light, colors, creating a look that would match your personalities and reflect the atmosphere of your celebration. We couple that by carefully matching visuals to the music, which we select by reviewing hundreds of different music tracks and compositions. The music that we chose for your wedding film is cleared of creative commons requirement specifically for your film at no cost to you.

Due to a careful selective process of shots in the final stages of post-production, not all of them make the final cut. However, we do understand the value of every second of your special day. Therefore, in addition to the final, cinematic version of your film we also provide you with all the “raw” footage of the day. You will receive every single video and audio file that has been captured on our cameras at no additional cost to you. To make it convenient, we will also cover the costs of the external memory device and the shipping of it directly to your address.

We are passionate about wedding cinematography, the art of film and editing as a way of storytelling. The result – numerous couples who are reviewing their wedding films every year on their anniversary day as a reminder of an unforgettable day when their love was elevated to the different height by their unwavering commitment to each other.                     

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"I love her and that's the beginning and end 

of everything." 

                                    - F. Scott Fitzgerald


"Love is composed of a single soul

inhabiting two bodies."   

                                    - Aristotle

"The heart has its reasons of which 

reason knows nothing."     

                                    - Blaise Pascal

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you

smiled because you knew."

                                    - Arrigo Boito

What our clients say... 

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"Mykolas was wonderful to work with. Super professional, great attitude and captured our day just as we had hoped. The final product blew everyone away - from the various angles used in the shots themselves to the editing and music. I have nothing but good things to say about both of them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to preserve their wedding memories in an amazing film!"

- Jessica Bonuomo

"The day of our wedding Mykolas and his team worked so well with us, our families and friends, each other, and our photographer, making the entire day effortless and fun. They have this amazing ability to see and highlight the finest details in everything - my dress, our first dance, the scenery, each embrace, our vows - that would've been missed by anyone else. The way that they thoughtfully match each shot to each note of music is incredible and the finished product is nothing short of magical. It brought tears to our eyes, along with anyone else who watched it. They were able to capture every moment of our special day and create a work of art that exemplifies our love for each other. We will cherish it for the rest of our lives.

It is difficult to find the words to describe just how amazing the work of Mykolas truly is. Their level of professionalism is uncanny and it is clear how much effort they put into each of their videos. You'd be silly not to trust them with the most important day of your life! Watch their videos - you'll see!"

- Eileen Rutherford

"My husband and I had Brides & Film for our wedding in Roxbury NY at the Roxbury Barn. They captured such beautiful shots of our day. We couldn't of asked for a better videographer. We absolutely loved them and their work. Theyre truly talented at what they do. If We can give them 10 stars we would. Mykolas is super personable and strives to make the bride and groom happy. He exceeded our expectations. Plus they were so professional and affordable. They stayed our whole day til the end to make sure they got everything. We watch our video every day and love how beautiful he made it. His work brought tears to my eyes because he knows how to capture the best of moments for your special day. They are the best and super fun people to work with."


- Julia Londsdale

"Brides and Film were wonderful to work with for our wedding. They were very understanding of what our vision was and they knew how to capture just the right moments of our special day. Countless friends and family teared up watching the teaser video alone and they were all touched by the beauty and creativity. I highly recommend Brides and Film for your video needs. Capture those memories on film that you never want to forget!"


- Laura Boudreau

"I first found some of the work of Mykolas and Brides and Film online and was extremely impressed with his work the stories he tells through his shorts. After reaching out to him on a call to discuss our wedding arrangements, I felt confident in hiring Mykolas. 6 months before the wedding, he took the time to meet my fiancé and I for coffee to get to know the two of us as well as our vision for the wedding. On the big day, he and his wife managed to capture all of the most special moments...from large panoramic/drone/time lapse shots to the much more intimate close of shots of putting on bow ties and jewelry, kisses, etc. he captures it all in a way that simple photos simply cannot. After watching our film, family and friends have commented "this is what little girls dream of when they think of their wedding day," "this is like an ad for marriage," and "this looks like a Hallmark original!" I love that each year we will be able to look back with this beautiful keepsake that we can treasure forever. If you're looking for a wedding videographer, look no further!

- Julia Scarano

"Being within the creative industry ourselves, we knew what style we wanted for our wedding and we were not disappointed. Mykolas and team have a fantastic eye and a modern post-production skillset and style. They were a pleasure to be with and both made us feel comfortable and relaxed. They stayed late into the night without complaint to ensure they captured everything. We were both blown away with the results of the short film and cannot wait to see what they come up with for the longer video. The video captured the feelings, essence, and story of our wedding. What more could we ask for?!"

- Alex

"Mykolas and his assistant from Brides and Film were an absolute delight to work with. Very professional, down to earth and detail oriented. I didn't cry at my wedding, but cried tears of happiness while watching my video teaser. Mykolas captured the feeling of our day completely. He went above and beyond to make sure that every important moment was captured in a beautiful and moving way with a personal touch you just don't get with the big name, high dollar photographers. I highly recommend them."

- Jesse


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