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Kelly and Justin

Danielle and Nate

Tanja and David

Cat and Aaron

Meagan and Anthony

Angel and Kevin

Kristen and John

Morgan and Christopher

Amy and Matt

Haddie and Tyler

Krista and John

Mara and Cody

Page and Brandon

Breanna and Dave

ToniAnn and Chris

Jessica and Michael

Courtney and Alex

Eileen and John

Kelly and Derek

Brittany and T.J.

Christina and Paul

Laura and Jeremy

Shanon and Robert 

Jason and Sheena

Angle and Kevin

Valerie and Angelo

Beckie and Evan

Alisha and Zach

Taylor and Brandon

Kyle and Kaitlin

Devin and Cody

Stephanie and Vasta 

Elena and Stefan

Jessica and Ben

Kerri and Jason

Angela and Keith

Sara and Andrew

Jessie and Matt

Hillary and Dan

Michelle and Daniel

Amy and Michael

Tara and Roman

Laura and Mike

Julie and Paul

Julia and Garry

Elizabeth and John

Emily and Ted

Julie and Mike

Christina and Adam

Laura and Jeremy

Danielle and Zach

Victoria and Jesse

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